What is WHOIS Privacy?

Domain WHOIS Privacy (also know as Privacy Protection, ID Protection, WHOIS Guard etc) is a premium service that enables a domain name registrant to hide their contact details from public domain WHOIS databases. It is offered by Web4Africa on domain extensions that support it.

What is DNS Management?

DNS Management is a service related to Domain Names. It is offered by Web4Africa and enables clients to manage DNS Records including A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT etc. DNS Management is the service that enables a domain owner to configure their domain to work with external services like Google’s Blogger, […]

How is the Late Fee charged on Invoices?

A 5% surcharge is added to a pending invoice when it has not been settled within 10 Days after the payment is due on the invoice. Exceptions may be made on invoices intended for new orders but this has to be approved by our¬†Billing Department. The Late Fee on Domain […]

How to fix “Object status prohibits operation”

Did you get this error while trying to edit your domain nameservers or edit something else about your domain name? It is because “Registrar Lock” is enabled on your domain name. That explains why you are unable to edit the domain nameservers. You need to disable “Registrar Lock” before you […]

DNS pre-configuration requirement for .co.za domains

The following article is relevant whether you a registering a new .co.za domain name or pointing an active .co.za domain name to a new set of nameservers. It explains the cause of the common error that comes with updating .co.za domains. The .co.za domain registry works slightly differently from most […]

New Support Portal

Our new Support Portal is feature-rich. It comes with: an intuitive navigation, making useful content easy to find a live search box that returns relevant pages speedily a discussion Forum where open issues can be discussed and questions asked

What are Premium Domain Names?

Premium Domains are ones that attract higher than usual pricing. They are typically domains that carry higher intrinsic value. There are a few types of Premium Domains: Premium New Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) All new gTLD registries have a list of unregistered domains they are offering at premium pricing through […]

How to Pay via Bank Payment

Web4Africa accepts bank payments from residents of Nigeria and South Africa where card payment is not an option. Your bank payment will be automatically processed within minutes once you complete any of the listed steps correctly.

What is Web4Africa’s refund process?

We typically offer a 30-day refund policy on our shared Web Hosting plans. Refunds are not offered for activated: Domain Registrations Web Hosting accounts that have been used for illegal or any form of criminal activities VPS Hosting Dedicated Servers SSL Certificates Where a refund is required, a client would […]

Currencies supported by Web4Africa

How do I pay in my preferred currency? If you are in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States or any country in the EU where the Euro is an official currency, Web4Africa would automatically display our ordering cart in your local currency. Outside of any […]