What is Redemption Grace Period and how Redeem a Domain Name

Once a domain name is deleted, it would generally slip into the Redemption Period ONLY under the following circumstances: manual deletion of the domain name by contacting Web4Africa Technical Support System deletion of domain name post Expiry of the Renewal Grace Period and the domain name does not have any […]

Improve email delivery in two easy steps

In addition to ensuring that you use SMTP method in your PHP codes, there are two easy steps that can improve your email delivery drastically. Login to your web hosting cPanel by going to http://yourdomain.com/cpanel Under Mail, click on “Email Authentication”. Enable SPF and DomainKeys respectively. These two functions essentially […]

Is my Credit Card safe with Web4Africa?

YES. Your payment card details are very safe with Web4Africa. Keeping your card details on file with Web4Africa is very convenient as your services can be renewed automatically when you have enabled the feature. Thus, you can avoid the inconvenience of service interruption should your service term expire. Our Credit […]

Requirements for .edu.ng domain names

.edu.ng domains are strictly restricted to Nigerian tertiary academic institutions only. These include: universities, polytechnics, colleges of education etc only. (A) The main requirement for registering .edu.ng domains is proof of accreditation by the relevant accreditation body, in the form of an accreditation certificate. Examples: the university must be accredited by the National Universities […]

How to transfer your Web Hosting services to Web4Africa

This write-up presupposes that you have an existing web hosting service elsewhere. Depending on what type of existing web hosting platform you are on, order for Web Hosting with Web4Africa at web4africa.com by choosing the relevant platform: Linux or ASP.NET (Windows). If your current web hosting account is powered by […]

How to transfer a .co.za domain name to Web4Africa

Web4Africa is an accredited .co.za domain registrar and thus uses a modern technology [known as EPP] to connect to the .co.za registry. There are two types of .co.za domain transfers: Registrar Transfer: This involves transferring your .co.za domain name from another accredited .co.za registrar to Web4Africa. Simply order for a […]

Domain Name Restrictions for .ng

The .ng registry forbids the registration of domain names containing the following words/phrases: .*allah.* .*arse.* .*ass.hole.* .*asshole.* .*bestiality.* .*blow.*.job.* .*bondage.* .*clit.* .*cock.* .*cunt.* .*dick.* .*faggot.* .*fuck.* .*incest.* .*molest.* .*nude.* .*porn.* .*pussy.* .*sex.* .*slut.* .*wanker.* .*whore.* Where legitimate domains are blocked, we can make a case with the .ng registry to lift the restriction temporarily, […]

Free Domain Names explained

How to qualify We do remove the cost of domain registration or transfer from your invoice automatically when you order for annual web hosting on our Linux hosting platform, or Plan C on our Windows platform. However, the domain name must be included in the web hosting order, to qualify. Also, […]

I have paid but my domain name is still Pending

Did you pay online? Our order system is fully automated and domain name registration and hosting services are processed in real time for most domain extensions and hosting packages. If your order is still in PENDING status after online payment, it could be due to one of the following reasons: […]

Where are Web4Africa servers located?

Web4Africa offers hosting solutions from its own hardware (servers and network equipment) spread across 4 datacentres in Accra, Ghana Lagos, Nigeria Johannesburg, South Africa Clients have the option of choosing any of the data centre locations during the order process.