PendingRegistration Status on .NG Domains

The .NG Domain Registry does screen all .ng domain registration applications and domain names that are automatically flagged by their registry system would be held in PendingRegistration status. .ng domains that fit into this include: domain names that contain terms that clash with the .ng geoname policy: Web4Africa would liaise with the .ng […]

How to verify your Mobile Number with Web4Africa

We do verify the mobile number provided to Web4Africa in the Mobile phone field for some reasons. An SMS will automatically be sent to the number when a new Web4Africa account is being opened. It is super important that the number be accurate and in international format. Example: +2348389991010 It […]

Email Verification for Generic Domains

As per the Whois Data Accuracy Specification introduced by Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] and effective from 1 January, 2014, every Registrar (including Web4Africa) is required to verify the email address of the Registrant contact for each gTLD domain name, within 15 days of: a domain name […]

Contact Accuracy Requirement for Generic Domain Registrations

Par ICANN requirements, all registered generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are required to have accurate Contact Details (Name, Address and Telephone) in the Admin, Registrant, Billing and Technical records, at all times. To this end, Web4Africa verifies the telephone and address records before a domain can be activated. Where there is […]

How to Order for SSL Certificates from Web4Africa

Step 1: Choose your certificate To purchase SSL Certificates, make a choice from our existing offers, as we well as the duration of the certificate. To proceed to the next step, you need to generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from your hosting control panel. Step 2: Submit Certificate Signing […]

3-year SSL certificates issuance halted

The SSL industry is further shoring up their defenses, and doing away with 3-year certificate licensing terms on all SSL certificates. Effective 1st March 2018, the new maximum permissible term on any and all certificates will be about 2 years, specifically, 27 months. The 27 months comprises the initial 24 […]

Premium Domain Name terms

This applies to when a client is in the process of purchasing a domain name under one of the new generic Top-Level Domains. Some domains in the extension you are buying are considered Premium by the domain registry and command higher pricing. They may appear available at regular prices, through […]

What is WHOIS Privacy?

Domain WHOIS Privacy (also know as Privacy Protection, ID Protection, WHOIS Guard etc) is a premium service that enables a domain name registrant to hide their contact details from public domain WHOIS databases. It is offered by Web4Africa on domain extensions that support it.

What is DNS Management?

DNS Management is a service related to Domain Names. It is offered by Web4Africa and enables clients to manage DNS Records including A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT etc. DNS Management is the service that enables a domain owner to configure their domain to work with external services like Google’s Blogger, […]

How is the Late Fee charged on Invoices?

A 5% surcharge is added to a pending invoice when it has not been settled within 10 Days after the payment is due on the invoice. Exceptions may be made on invoices intended for new orders but this has to be approved by our Billing Department. The Late Fee on Domain […]