How to Pay via Bank Payment

Web4Africa accepts bank payments from residents of Nigeria and South Africa where card payment is not an option.

How to Pay Web4Africa via the bank

Total Time: 3 minutes

Select “Card / Mobile Money / Bank”

To pay via the Bank process, simply select “Card / Mobile Money / Bank” as your payment method whilst placing your order or on your existing invoice.
If you are in South Africa, please jump to step #8.Invoice sample

Choose any of the bank options (Nigeria)

After clicking on the “Pay with” button as seen above, choose any of the 3 listed options to pay from your own bank account.Choose any of these 3 in Nigeria

USSD (Nigeria)

If you are choosing the USSD option, select your bank if you do have a bank account with any of the listed banks in this screenshot.USSD payment in Nigeria

USSD: Dial the code (Nigeria)

Once you have chosen your bank, a unique code will be displayed that is specific to your bank. Dial the code on the phone that is connected to that bank account in other to complete the payment.USSD code

Pay with Bank (Nigeria)

If you have Internet Banking and wish to make use of that option, you may choose the “Pay with Bank” option.Pay with bank

Pay with Bank: Internet Banking (Nigeria)

Click on the new button in other to be redirected to your bank’s Internet Banking page. You will be required to login in other to complete the payment.Go to Bank

Pay with Bank Transfer (Nigeria)

If you cannot make use of USSD or Internet Banking, you can initiate a bank transfer to the bank details displayed on the screen when you choose the “Pay with Bank Transfer” option.
You need to immediately make the correct amount to the exact account displayed on your screen. Web4Africa cannot be responsible for errors.
Bank details

Pay with Bank (South Africa)

Choose the “Pay with Bank” option and you will be redirected to your bank’s verification page to complete this payment after you click on the Pay button in this screenshot example.Pay with Bank (South Africa)

Pay with Bank: Select your bank (South Africa)

Choose any of the banks you have an account with. You need Internet Banking access to be able to pay online.
Log in using your Internet banking profile. None of your credentials will be stored. The payment gateway simply facilitates the transaction on your behalf to confirm the transaction instantly.Banks to choose in South Africa

Your bank payment will be automatically processed within minutes once you complete any of the listed steps correctly.

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