How to access your Email

There are multiple means to access your email: Webmail To access your email via your web browser, kindly point your browser to your domain slash webmail Example: if your domain were you need to visit Email Client To access your email using an email software like Outlook or Thunderbird, kindly enter the […]

How to redirect your website to HTTPS

If you have installed an SSL Certificate on your hosting account and wish to force all your web traffic to the https protocol, you need to copy and paste the following code into your .htaccess file. You will find the .htaccess file in the public_html directory of your web hosting cPanel. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off […]

Free SSL Certificates on our Web Hosting plans

The Internet is evolving, and so are we. Free SSL certificates are available to all our Linux and Windows hosting plans. This is an entry-level SSL certificate but sufficient for basic use. The free SSL certificate on our Linux Hosting is backed by Comodo while that of our Windows Hosting […]

How to upgrade your existing web hosting plan

To upgrade your hosting plan, kindly follow these steps: Login to the Client Area. Navigate to Services → Web Hosting. Choose the Service you wish to upgrade by clicking on the Upgrade / Downgrade option. On the next page, select the Hosting plan you wish to upgrade/downgrade to, as well […]

Reset or View cPanel password

When it is necessary to change your hosting cPanel password, simply follow the steps below: Login to the Client Area. Navigate to Services → Web Hosting Click on the domain name of the specific hosting service to which to manage. Click on Reset Password option under the service Menu. Click on the Reset Password button […]

Why is PHP mail() function not working?

To combat email spam, Web4Africa restricts the use of our server for mass mailing. You must use SMTP authentication method in your PHP code. Kindly edit your code or refer to your PHP developer. Note about using SMTP with PHP: You need to create an email account to be used […]

How to access your Virtual Private Server

You would have received an automated email directing you to our Client Area after your VPS was setup. You need to login to the Client Area. Once there, open the details of your service and then change the root password to a very strong one. It must be a combination of Upper […]

Securing your WordPress installation

WordPress is a very powerful content management system and blog publishing platform. It is very popular globally. Due to these factors, an unsecured WordPress installation is very vulnerable to hacks and defacements. With a few steps, however, a WordPress installation can be secured from any form of intrusion. Here are […]

How to edit your domain nameservers

The domain nameservers are the parameters used to point a domain name to a hosting server, among others. How to edit your domain nameservers Login to the Web4Africa Client Area. Navigate to Services >> Domains. Click on the Domain Name you wish to edit. Click on Manage Nameservers at the […]

How to retrieve your Domain EPP Code

A Domain EPP code is required to transfer most domain extensions. In the event that you need your domain name’s EPP code (domain secret) from Web4Africa, simply follow the steps below: Login to the Web4Africa Clients Area. Navigate to “Services” then “Domains” after login. Click on the specific domain you wish […]