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Exciting New Features in cPanel v108 Update

Web4Africa customers can expect some exciting changes with the latest cPanel v108 update. The update has many new features to enhance your website management experience.

Firstly, Paper Lantern users will be automatically upgraded to the Jupiter theme after the update. This change will occur automatically after the update, ensuring you have access to the latest features and functionalities.

Additionally, the latest update also makes Let’s Encrypt available by default. This change means administrators who prefer Let’s Encrypt instead of cPanel’s default AutoSSL provider can now set AutoSSL to use Let’s Encrypt entirely within WHM’s “Manage AutoSSL” interface. This feature is sure to be a hit with our security-conscious customers.

Finally, the update also sees the removal of Horde, which relied on PHP 7.4. Due to the End of Life of PHP 7.4 on November 28, 2022, Horde has been removed, and all Horde data has been migrated to Roundcube automatically.

The cPanel v108 update has several exciting changes that will benefit Web4Africa customers.

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