PendingRegistration Status on .NG Domains

The .NG Domain Registry does screen all .ng domain registration applications and domain names that are automatically flagged by their registry system would be held in PendingRegistration status.

.ng domains that fit into this include:

  • domain names that contain terms that clash with the .ng geoname policy: Web4Africa would liaise with the .ng registry on behalf of our client, to review the domain. They would then approve or decline the domain name, based on their assessment. Web4Africa has no influence over their decision.
    Domain names that contain the word “Nigeria” or major cities and other locations in Nigeria have a high chance of not being approved by the registry.
  • domain names that contain terms of existing premium domains: the .ng registry has designated some domains as premium. Some domains that contain words that match premium domains are sometimes held. Web4Africa would liaise with the registry on behalf of the client to review the domain name for possible approval.
  • domain names that contain terms that are forbidden by the registry: some words are not allowed in .ng domain names. There are exceptional cases where the .ng registry can still approve the registration.
  • all .ng domains applied for under the and extensions: considering these are subject to approval, correct documentation is required for activation. Web4Africa would forward the supplied documentation to the registry for review and possible approval.

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    1. Web4Africa

      Yes, you can. Please email sales at web4africa dot com for further assistance.

  1. Sewa

    How long do I have to wait before my .ng domain is approved? The registration is pending.

  2. Pastor Tony

    What is an Epp Code?
    Can I create an email box on your platform with the domain name I buy from you?

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