I have paid but my domain name is still Pending

Did you pay online?

Our order system is fully automated and domain name registration and hosting services are processed in real time for most domain extensions and hosting packages. If your order is still in PENDING status after online payment, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You keyed an invalid entry when filling the form to provide your name, address, zip code or phone number
  2. The nameservers you provided for the domain name are invalid
  3. The domain is invalid or not accepted by the registry. We would have to cancel the order and offer a refund

Did you pay via Bank Deposit/Transfer (Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa)?

If you paid offline via Bank Deposit in Ghana, Nigeria or South Africa, your order would typically be processed within 1 business day so long your bank deposit is confirmed. The only reason why your domain name can still read PENDING after this period is if you failed to notify us of your bank deposit. Remember to always send us the payment details via http://www.web4africa.net/bank

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