How to complete .UK Domain Transfer to Web4Africa

.UK Domain Transfers work differently from other TLDs, as a result of the unique architecture deployed by the .UK registry.

The .UK registry, Nominet, has unique identifiers for all .UK registrars known as IPS TAGs. For example, Web4Africa’s Nominet TAG is WEB4AFRICA-GH.

Web4Africa offers, and domain registration and accepts transfers from other Nominet Partners for those extensions.

To transfer a .uk domain to Web4Africa, one needs to place an order from our website. After the order is processed, the client needs to contact the current registrar for the .UK domain or login to Nominet Online Service where access is available, to change the IPS TAG to WEB4AFRICA-GH.

It is worth noting that .UK domain transfers are free-of-charge and no renewal year is applied to successful transfer.

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