Contact Accuracy Requirement for Generic Domain Registrations

Par ICANN requirements, all registered generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are required to have accurate Contact Details (Name, Address and Telephone) in the Admin, Registrant, Billing and Technical records, at all times.

To this end, Web4Africa verifies the telephone and address records before a domain can be activated. Where there is an error in any of them, the domain will not be activated instantly. We usually comb through pending domains and do contact the respective clients where there is such a case. Else, a client can consult our Support Team for assistance on a pending domain that has been paid for.

For instant activation, the contact details must be 100% accurate. Specifically, the zip codes must be in the right format, matching the country of the address provided for the domain registration. The same applies to the Phone Number field. We also do not accept Accented Characters in the First Name or Last Name fields.


  • The Zip/Postal Code for Nigeria contains 6 digits. You can find the accurate code for your Nigerian address at
  • Ghana does not have an official zip/postal code system. 5 digits “00000” should suffice.
  • The Zip code for the USA is 5 digits or 9.


The Phone must be provided without the preceding Country Calling Code. Our system would append it to the domain registration.

Example: where your phone number is +234-814-999-9999, simply enter “8149999999” in the Phone field, without any quotation marks, dashes or spaces

You should, however, enter 2348149999999 into the Mobile Phone field.

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