How to access VPS Control Panel

You can easily manage your VPS using our Control Panel, you can reboot your server, reload your Operating System etc. 3. Then, Select ”More” and click on ”Control Panel” 4. That’s all, you should be redirected to your VPS control panel as illustrated below.

How to create cPanel packages in WHM

1. Log into the WHM as a reseller 2. Navigate to Packages and click on “Add package” Note: The package section is where you would manage what features and resources that a group of cPanel users would have available to them. 2. Fill the field for the package name e.g. […]

How to create a cPanel account in WHM

2. Then, navigate to create account under account functions or search for ‘Create account’. 3. Under Domain Information enter the domain, username, password and the contact email address. Package: Select your package for the cPanel account you are creating. If you can’t find any packages, CLICK HERE for steps how to create […]

How to upload files using FTP

You can Upload/download files from your cPanel to your computer using the FileZilla Client. 1. Install and open the FileZilla FTP Client. 2. Enter your FTP host, username, and password. You can use your cPanel username and password as your FTP user and password. Then click on Quick Connect. FTP […]

How to add addon domain in cPanel

Kindly follow the steps below: 1. Login to the cPanel 2. Under “Domains” click on “Addon domains” 3. Click on ”create a new domain” as illustrated in the screenshot below 4. Fill out the domain name you intend to add as an addon. you can edit your Document root for […]

How to view and edit .htaccess file on cPanel

1. Login into cPanel 2. Navigate to File Manager under the Files section 3. Navigate to settings, as shown in the image below 4. enable ‘Show Hidden files’ and click ‘Save’ 5. Navigate to your folder, public_html; you should see a file name .htaccess file; right-click and click Edit.