How to Generate Cpanel Backup and Download using FTP

3. Then click on Download A Full Account Backup 4. Fill in your email address to get a notification once completed, then click on ”Generate Backup” 5. Once completed, you’ll find the zipped file in your Home directory in file manager. From there, you can download it to your PC […]

How to install LEMP on Ubuntu 20.04

INTRODUCTION A collection of programs known as the LEMP software stack can serve PHP-coded dynamic web pages and web apps. An Nginx (pronounced “Engine-X”) web server runs on the Linux operating system, which is referred to by this abbreviation. PHP does the dynamic processing, while the backend data is kept […]

How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1- Install Certbot Certbot is now ready for usage, but some of its configuration needs to be confirmed before it can be set up for Nginx. Firstly, confirm if the server block exists on your nginx configuration You should have a block with the details below ( note the […]

How to install WordPress with LEMP

We assumed you already installed LEMP on your server; you can click HERE for instructions on how to install LEMP. Step 1- Creating Database and User for WordPress Login to the MySQL and create the database using the command below The database name, “MY_wordpress,” you can use your preferred database […]

How to Change SSH Port in Linux.

On Linux, changing the SSH port is a simple process; changing the default SSH port is necessary to stop many automated attacks, and it is a bit harder to guess which SSH port is accessible on the server. Please follow the steps below on how to change the SSH Port […]

How to Set up Node.js Application in cPanel

In this tutorial, you will learn to set up Node.js applications in the cPanel easily. 2. In the software Section, click on the “Setup Node.js App” as shown in the file below 3) On the Node.js selector page, click the Create Application button. 4. Fill in the required fields on […]

How to access VPS Control Panel

You can easily manage your VPS using our Control Panel, you can reboot your server, reload your Operating System etc. 3. Then, Select ”More” and click on ”Control Panel” 4. That’s all, you should be redirected to your VPS control panel as illustrated below.