Web4Africa Twitter Support Policy

Web4Africa offers limited responses on Twitter to queries from existing clients or prospects, as a courtesy. Our primary means of offering support remains our Support Ticket system. Tickets will always have our highest priority.

(A) Every client necessarily needs to open a support ticket, to get assistance from Web4Africa. The initial response on Twitter would ask for a Ticket number and where none exists, insist on a Ticket being opened.

(B) For the sake of privacy, we are unable to offer responses on Twitter that delve into too many details of each case. We would always offer detailed responses in the tickets and refer the client back to the ticket.

(C) Our responses on Twitter would not lead to a thread. Bare the first response or two, Web4Africa would not continue a threaded conversation. The client would need to limit follow-ups to their Support ticket. We occasionally experience a drastic increase in the volume of support tickets thus slowing down our responses. We are however committed to offering the best and most timely responses in the order the tickets were received.

(D) Responses on Twitter would normally be given during working hours. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) do not extend to Twitter.

(E) Web4Africa reserves the right to block a Twitter user who constitutes a nuisance by being an internet troll, overly offensive or outrightly abusive. Depending on the severity, action taken against the Twitter user may not be limited to blocking.

Ultimately, we are committed to offering the very best service and timely support.

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