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Reasons a Web Hosting account could be suspended by Web4Africa
Reasons a Web Hosting account could be suspended by Web4Africa

A Web Hosting account can be suspended by Web4Africa for a number of reasons, which include unpaid invoices, abuse issues or activities that are against our Terms of Services.

Billing / Unpaid Invoice

Depending on the payment cycle of a particular web hosting account, renewal invoices are generated automatically and a notice emailed to the client monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially or triennially. Where the service renewal invoice is not settled in a timely manner, the hosting account would be suspended 3 days after its due date, pending when the invoice is settled in full.

Should the client not settle the renewal invoice within 30 days after the due date, the hosting account would then be automatically terminated. Termination implies that all the files, databases and emails in the hosting account would be permanently expunged from our server.

Solution: the client needs to settle the outstanding and future invoices in a timely manner.

Abuse Issues

Web4Africa has a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse issues. Any and every form of abuse including but not limited to the following would lead to a hosting account suspension without prior notice:

  • Spamming: unsolicited bulk commercial email
  • Phishing: fake websites that seek to misrepresent financial, government or other legitimate websites
  • Infections: viruses, trojan horses or other infections that compromise the stability and/or integrity of our web hosting service.
  • Others activities that are against our TOS: these include IRC Scripts/Bots, Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers, Pirated Software/Warez, Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic), AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites, IP Scanners, Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications, Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts, Banner-Ad services (commercial banner ad rotation), File Dump/Mirror Scripts (similar to rapidshare), Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams), Escrow/Bank Debentures, High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites, Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme), Sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s), Prime Banks Programs, Lottery Sites, MUDs/RPGs/PPBGs, Hateful/Racist/Harassment oriented sites, Hacker focused sites/archives/programs, Sites promoting illegal activities, Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to warez/pirated/illegal content, Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Fraudulent Sites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at & etc. The full Web Hosting Terms of Service is available here.

Solution: contact Web4Africa Abuse Department. Depending on the severity or cause of the infraction, the department would make a decision as to whether the Web Hosting account would be unsuspended or otherwise.

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