Which Hosting Services get SSH Access from Web4Africa?

SSH is a very convenient method to access a Virtual or Dedicated Server for server management and carrying out routine tasks.

What is SSH?

According to Wikipedia:

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network.

Skilled system administrators use it. The exact commands to be used for an SSH session vary from one Operating System to the other.

An SSH Session running an MTR test

The availability of SSH access from Web4Africa depends on the service being purchased. This is detailed below:

The following do not have SSH access:

  • Shared Web Hosting (Windows nor Linux)
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Managed Virtual Private Servers

The following have SSH access:

  • Self-Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting)
  • Dedicated Servers

The hosting services that do not have SSH Access come with a control panel by default. Hosting on Linux servers come with a cPanel control panel, while those on Windows Servers come with a Plesk control panel. These control panels make it easy and convenient to manage just about every aspect of the hosting services and are easy to use for starters and experienced webmasters alike.

No additional fees are required for the Control Panels on shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed Virtual Servers, as they are already bundled with the services.

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