What amount of Web Hosting space is right for me?

Web hosting
Choosing the right web hosting plan is critical to the survival of your online business

One question we often face from prospective web hosting customers after they have gone through our web hosting plans are similar to:

“so which web hosting plan is right for me?”

While there is no direct answer to this question, a few indicators can serve as a guide for you to choose the right web hosting plan.

Type of website
What type of website are you building? Are you building a static 15-page website or a dynamic website with unlimited number of pages?
If you are building a simple website, chances are that you would never need more than 100MB of disk space for your website. However, a dynamic website like a news website, discussion forum, e-commerce shop etc, often rely on a database system. These databases can quickly grow into hefty files, and this can affect the disk space your website needs to run smoothly.

Type of content
What are you publishing over the Internet? If you are publishing mostly text and a few photos in between, you might not need much disk space in the beginning. If you are running a constantly-updated blog however, note that your text as well as comments added by readers of that blog would soon add-up.

Are you publishing mostly images or videos? Then you are better-off starting with a sizeable disk-space. Images and video files tend to use-up a lot of disk space.

How much email do you need?
If your web hosting is for a medium-sized company or organization, chances are that you would need multiple email addresses ranging between 10 and 100. While the number of email addresses alone is not enough indicator, we live in a world where bandwidth (internet traffic) has become abundantly available. It is not unusual for people to send bulky files via email. A number of such email messages left on the server un-deleted can quickly increase your disk space consumption.

The good news is that Web4Africa offers a generous disk space even on the lowest web hosting plan we offer. If you are still not sure about how much disk space you would need, it doesn’t hurt to start with our lowest web hosting plan and then upgrade as the need arises.

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