Web4Africa Ltd acquires Nairahost, a web hosting firm

… a new dawn for web hosting and domain registration in Nigeria as Web4Africa acquires Nairahost

6th December 2010

Web4Africa Ltd (www.web4africa.net) today announces its 100% client acquisition of Nairahost, a company that provides domain name services and web hosting to Nigeria.

Established in 2004, Nairahost started with a vision to dominate the Nigerian web hosting industry through offering intelligent business solutions in an efficient manner. Nairahost rose rapidly to dominate the Nigerian web hosting industry.  Nairahost before acquisition, was an accredited .ng domain registrar and also managed a portfolio of a few thousand domains.

The acquisition by Web4Africa not only enlarges Web4Africa’s market share, but also offers lower pricing and a larger choice of domain extensions to Nairahost customers as well as a world-class technical support for their web hosting services.

Web4Africa would manage Nairahost as an independent entity before fully merging the two operations in early 2011.

Oluniyi D. Ajao, Managing Director of Web4Africa Ltd., said, “this acquisition offers an improved service delivery to Nairahost customers. It would offer us a stronger foothold into the vibrant and dynamic market in Nigeria. The acquisition is noteworthy because no merger of operations on this scale has happened before, in the African web hosting industry.”

The acquisition boosts Web4Africa’s current client base of over 8,400 to about 11,500 after an expected overlap of clients has been considered. It also pushes Web4Africa’s domain portfolio to well over 8,000 and number of domains hosted to well over 4,000.

About Web4Africa Ltd.
Established in 2002, Web4Africa has grown to be a market leader in Africa, offering domain name services, web design and web hosting to clients worldwide.
Website: www.web4africa.net


  1. Francis Nigeria

    Good job guys..keep it up. we ur customers are waiting.

  2. i was with nairahost and had this site:www.africanproject.org
    but it was a wrong service, so we withdrawn.what is the cost of hosting again there in linux?

    1. We apologize for any problems you might have had with Nairahost.
      The lowest Linux hosting package would now go for only N6,400.

      1. Chidozie AneneOkafor

        Please go in to details and how to pay for renewal

  3. I was initially hosting my site with nairahost before they hiked their price, making it very exorbitant. I had to withdraw and move to web4africa. I am not surprise because i knew the company wouldn’t last. Now, it has happened.

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  5. Gbenga O

    I hosted this domain dakinakintoye.net with Nairahost and had series of problems. The data in my database inclusive of files became inconsistent and I’ve been on their neck for about 5months now, there’s been no tangible response. I hope you guys will be able to help me out as mu client has been on my neck. I want a database restore for 30th Dec. 2009. I haven’t left Nairahost or moved my files due to this problem. I still want to retain my subscription with web4africa.

  6. Olayiwola O.

    I have some domains with Nhost, out of which is yatotechnologies.com but hasn’t been active few week after renewal. I hope d site would come alive again. Goodluck!

  7. ife

    I was hosting with Nairahost, and i even still have an active domain with them which has’nt been up since they started misbehaving (www.kadomatos.com). I even had to migrate some domains off to retain my clients because the customer service was soo bad that i felt bad! I hope this acquisition spells better things for nairahost clients. I would suggest you migrate all existing nairahosters to web4africa as the Nairahost name is bad publicity actually. I could still consider retaining my services with Web4africa if i can see how they perform.


  8. Prince dattebayo

    Please buy a valid certificate for your website.

  9. seyitayo

    This is a good omen for the industry. We believe it will get better

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