.NG Policy Changes & Price-Drop on .NG Transfers

.NG Policy Changes

The policy regarding the Restoration of all .NG Domain names is changing effective 1st August 2018. The restoration of .NG Domain Name Extensions including (.ng, .com.ng, .org.ng, .net.ng etc) that have expired and are in Restoration Phase (also known as Redemption Period) would now attract a fee of $4 (or its equivalent in the currency of your Web4Africa account). The best way out is to always renew well ahead of expiry.

Price-Drop on .NG Transfers

Inward transfers of .NG Domains to Web4Africa would attract a lower fee, effective 1st August 2018. The new pricing would be displayed on our website from this date.

Transfer of .NG and other Domains to Web4Africa is easy from our Sales page or Client Area.



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