.host, .press & .website domains at discounts

Web4Africa, an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar, is offering .host, .press and .website domain names at discounted prices for 1st year registrations, in a special deal as offer by their respective domain registries.

The limited time offers end at varying dates as highlighted below:

  • .host @ $49 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 17th Oct 2014
  • .press @ $49 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 24th Sept 2014
  • .website @ $14 for 1st year only, from 17th Sept to 17 Nov 2014
  • The domains can be registered at https://web4africa.com/domain-name/new/
dot host domain extension
dot host domain extension

.HOST Domains
Several large companies in the hosting community have welcomed .host with open arms. Why go for a .com/.net when there is a dedicated TLD for your industry! Let the TLD showcase what you do, while you get creative with your brand name!

.PRESS Domains
.PRESS is a meaningful platform for information sharers & opinion makers, world over! Its semantic relevance to
the news & media industry makes it the ideal extension for your online presence.
Companies can give their PR efforts a facelift by using companyname.press as a dedicated PR portal, to interact
with the media, their customers & key stakeholders.

.WEBSITE Domains
.website is the first truly generic domain extension to be launched in the new era of the internet – a real alternative
to .com
.website perfectly embodies and symbolizes your online identity. .Website is intuitive, meaningful & self-explanatory

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