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.VOTE/.VOTO will be an unrestricted TLD available to all registrants

Beginning 4 September 2019, .VOTE/.VOTO will be available to registrants of all types, including many who were formerly excluded from these TLDs. This creates a significant sales opportunity for registrars, as many registrars have had to disappoint registrants who were looking for a .VOTE/.VOTO name. The removal of eligibility restrictions will open these TLDs to more registrants.

Before now, Web4Africa had displayed the following notice on the .vote sales page:

Registrants must have a bona fide intention to use the domain name, during the current/ relevant election cycle, in connection with a clearly identified political/democratic process at the time of registration. Warehousing domain names for future speculative use, or registering a domain name to principally block the bona fide registration and use by a third party is expressly prohibited.

Pursuant to section 10 of the .VOTE/.VOTO Registration Policy and 3.5.2 of the Registry-Registrar Agreement (“RRA”) in effect between Monolith Registry and each of its Registrars, this notice informs you of the removal of the .VOTE/.VOTO Registration Policy.

Effective 4 September 2019 (the “Effective Date”), the .VOTE/.VOTO Registration Policy is no longer in effect. Registrants need no longer have an intention to use the domain name during an election cycle in connection with a political process. On the Effective Date, .VOTE/.VOTO will be an unrestricted TLD available to all registrants.

What is .vote?

.vote is a domain name extension intended for websites that have to do with elections on any scale. They could be local, state/province or national elections. It helps to promote websites that have to do with election campaigns and other related themes.

Who can register a .vote domain name?

From 4 September 2019, .vote domain names will be open to anyone, anywhere at any time. It would no longer be restricted to themes that have to do with elections.


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