.HOST is now an Open Generic Top-Level Domain

Before now, .HOST domains had been targetted exclusively at the web hosting and cloud hosting industry. The .host registry is however now expanding the target audience by repositioning it as a generic top-level domain extension.

Why is .HOST re-positioned as a generic TLD?

Research on live websites in the .HOST namespace indicates a natural connect with a variety of audiences across a number of interest areas other than just hosting.

According to the .HOST registry, existing live websites on .HOST indicate organic adoption from entities outside the hosting industry such as media, entertainment, technology, hospitality, personal blogging and more. So, while hosting providers continue to find a natural fit with this TLD, repositioning .HOST as a generic domain extension will be the first step towards uncovering its expanded potential.

Who can now register & use .HOST Domains?

Who can register .HOST Domains?
Who can register .HOST Domains?

With the repositioning as an open gTLD, anyone can now register .host domains for their email and website – including but not limited to:

  • Geeks & Techies
  • Events
  • Startups & Freelancers
  • Bloggers & Enthusiasts
  • Streaming & Download Sites
  • Hotels & BnBs
  • Celebrity Host & Anchor Media
  • Hosting Providers

What does .HOST offer?

.HOST offers short, brandable and relevant standard domains as well an impressive inventory of premium domains for everyone.

How can .HOST be used?

.HOST is a versatile domain name extension so go ahead and put your .HOST domain name to use for the following purposes:

  1. Launch a new business or tech product
  2. Open an eCommerce store
  3. Make a website for your brick-&-mortar shop
  4. Attract customers to your Hotel or BnB
  5. Build an impressive resume or your creative portfolio
  6. Start a network for your school or college
  7. Use it in your programs and code
  8. Start your web hosting business

.host was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on 31 May 2014, and as of June 2018, there are over 43,000 .host domains registered by some 133 accredited ICANN domain registrars.

Web4Africa is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar offer .HOST Domains and hundreds of other top-level domains.

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