New Domain Names are coming

A whole lot of new domain extensions are about to be unleashed to the domain market, unlocking website owners’ creativity in choosing domain names as we would no longer be restricted to the relatively few domain extensions that are common-place today: com, .net, .org etc.

New domain name extensions

There is about to be a domain extension for just about every major business, profession, geographical location, interest, lifestyle, or movement. Complicated domain names made-up of 3 or more words should be a thing of the past as the large number of new extension would offer easier and better domain choices.

Web4Africa can confirm the availability of the following domain extensions:

.africa: is the regional domain name that covers the over 50 countries and territories in the continent of Africa.

.joburg: Africa’s richest city deserves a domain extension of it’s own.

.capetown: website owners in one of Africa’s most beautiful cities can use the best domain to target their local market.

.durban: one of South Africa’s most important manufacturing and business hub needs a unique identity on the web.

.app: apps abound in today’s world: smartphones, digital camera’s, tablet PCs etc. A .app domain extension can make navigating the clustered web of apps easier.

.inc: most company names in North and Central America end with INC. A .inc domain extension for such companies is only natural.

.home: everyone deserves a piece of the internet. Everyone deserves a home on the internet. What better domain extension than .home?

.art: for the artistic minds that making life a pleasure, .art is the ideal domain extension.

.blog: as a blogger, stand-out from the crowded World Wide Web with your own very .blog domain name.

.llc: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in North and Central America deserve a domain extension. .llc is the most natural fit.

.shop: whether small shops, or big shops, every shop owner with a web presence can shine on .shop

.book: books are not an exclusive preserves of “book-worms”. Books are the compass for navigating today’s high-tech world. Every book marketed on the World Wide Web can call a .book domain extension home.

.design: creativity should not be limited to canvases, computer mouses or graphics design suites. As a designer, you can be creative with your web address as well.

.music: be inspired. Extend your inspiration beyond the piano and recording studio, and into choose the best domain name for your music, with .music.

.movie: movies no longer have to make use of hyphenated and hard-to-remember domain names. Whether blockbuster or budget movies, the best home on the web is .movie.

.web: usage is limitless for this domain extension. If it’s on the World Wide Web, it can make use of .web.

.store: big store, small store, every store owner who wants the most ideal web address for their online store is invited.

.hotel: the hospitality industry, our home away from home, deserves an exclusive home on the internet.

.love: the web domain of positive emotion and affection is .love.

.ltd: your company name may end with LTD but you have an unlimited access to make use of .ltd domains.

.cloud: one of the fastest growing IT industries now has an exclusive domain name extension known as .cloud. Every cloud service provider can have a web address that stands-out from the crowd.

.mail: perhaps you don’t need a website but want a custom email address. .mail is an ideal domain extension for your email needs.

.news: as a new house, print or electronic, nothing spells out your agenda to a web audience than a .news domain extension.

.xyz: short, stylish and easy-to-remember. .xyz is open and available.


  1. This is what they called new technology. i really love the way internet is changing everyday.
    please, When will the above extension be available for purchase

  2. Momodou Jagne

    how do i acquire a .africa email account? i am a gambian in the united kingdom

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