Web4Africa Nameservers for Web Hosting and DNS Management

For the resilience and stability of our web hosting and DNS management services, Web4Africa maintains nameservers across 4 data centres in 4 countries.

The geographic diversity, in addition to being best practice, ensures a domain name making using of Web4Africa’s nameservers is always resolving to the right DNS records in the event that one of the nameservers are unreachable.

Web4Africa Nameservers
Nameserver management in the Web4Africa Client Area.

Every domain name hosted on Web4Africa’s Linux (cPanel-powered) infrastructure or making use of Web4Africa’s DNS Management services need to necessarily make use of all the following nameservers:


The only exception could be where a web proxy service like CloudFlare has been deployed. In that case, the proxy service provider’s nameservers would need to be utilized.

Web4Africa’s Windows Hosting, on the other hand, makes use of the following nameservers:


Web4Africa’s WordPress Hosting makes use of the following nameservers:


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