How long does it take for domain to be active after payment?

While most domain registrations with Web4Africa go through instantly so long the client pays online via any of the online payment methods we accept. The timeliness of the domain activation could still vary even where online payment is made, depending on the domain name extension.

.ng domains

Some .ng domains are subject to the .ng registry’s various policies that could subject the affected domain name to a further review and subsequent approval or rejection.

  • all and domain registration applications are subject to a review
  • all registrations are subject to the geoname policy. Where the .ng domain being applied for matches any name in the .ng registry’s list, the domain will be subject to a review.

Premium domains

Web4Africa does not offer premium domains through our regular cart at this time. Where a client wishes to register a premium domain, we would process it manually through our backend, subject to the full payment of the premium pricing.

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  1. Elex Promise

    Good day.
    It is true that the review of .education extension takes time?
    i just payed for 1

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